Fueling Intensive Program

This program is for you if you want to...

  • Create the right mindset & ditch diets for good
  • Build a baseline for nutrition
  • Connect nutrition to your biology & work with your hormones
  • Increase your energy & learn to fuel your workouts well
  • Understand proper nutrition for the different phases of life
  • Live sustainably
Are you ready to go from feeling stressed around food to feeling confident in your body?

Here's how the Fueling Intensive Program works:

  • Meet with your personal dietitian at the start of the program for an individual nutrition consult
  • Complete a proven curriculum to understand how to achieve sustainable nutrition results
  • Watch video modules to develop nutrition skills to utilize in daily life
  • Follow an individualized care plan to direct your goals and help you stay accountable
  • Access nutrition resources to help you make sustainable changes 


  • Quick access to the RDNs via Healthie chat

Mother Athletes are seeing results.

Fueling Intensive Client
Mom, Wife & Fitness Enthusiast

“Tiffany and Kendra have been great to work with! They are very knowledgeable and have been so encouraging to me. They have taught me that fueling my body to meet my goals isn’t about food rules and restrictions, it is about setting small stackable habits that are simple and effective, leading to lots of energy and long term success. Food is fuel and is meant for enjoyment, as well. FLN has helped me become more confident with my food choices!”

Fueling Intensive Client
Mom, Wife & Former College Athlete

“I have been active all of my life-organized sports from adolescence through college and outdoor activities beyond. However, my habits around food have been extreme. I have always wanted to see different results in my body without the knowledge of how to sustain my best self around food. This course has helped lay out the basic nutrition building blocks to help me find my sustainable habits surrounding food. Each choice I make is a chance to make a change toward my best self. “

Fueling Intensive Client
Mom, Wife & Fitness Instructor

“I have been in the health industry for years and have always worked hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. This course helped me gain a new perspective on my nutrition and the importance of fueling your body. Tiffany and Kendra are amazing and the knowledge and passion they bring to this course is wonderful. I am sad that the 6 weeks is over but will continue to hone in on the skills I have learned and keep putting them in to practice every day.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take?

We understand that you are busy and that your time is precious. We also understand that you are committed to changing your life for the better and that it will take time and effort. Changes aren’t made overnight and we want to be there to support and coach you along the way. This is why we’ve extended the program from 6 weeks to 6 months. We want you to find results and KEEP them. Go through the modules at your own pace but stay accountable by chatting with your personal dietitian.

What if I have questions for the RDN during the week?

Plug in from anywhere that works for you – be it the sidelines of soccer practice or the waiting room during dance class. We’ve got an app for that! Send your RDN a message at a time that you are free and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

What does the investment look like?

We’re not going to lie, we believe you should invest in your health! This requires both time and money. We want you to dedicate 6 months to your health and wellness. The total package costs $675 and includes the Fueling Intensive 2.0 Program PLUS 1 individual coaching call, bi-weekly group accountability calls, and access to the FLN Education Library.  

Got another Question? Send it via email HERE and one of the RDNs will get back to you!

If you're ready to enjoy your body and embrace a healthy lifestyle...

The Fueling Intensive is for you!

Why wait around waiting for things to change when you have tools at your fingertips to improve your life?

Find the time, energy, and balance you’ve been seeking and take control of your nutrition.

This INTENSIVE has what you need to:

  • Build your strong nutrition foundation
  • Bypass that mid-afternoon energy slump
  • Fuel your exercise so you get the most out of your fitness
  • Ditch the diet mentality
  • Fuel around your genetics as a female

All this is waiting for you!

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