Fueling Intensive Program

Empower Yourself to Thrive with Sustainable Nutrition

Are you an active mom struggling to find the balance between fitness, nutrition, and daily life? If so, our Fueling Intensive Program is designed specifically for you. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and hello to sustainable nutrition practices that will fuel your body, energize your workouts, and support your overall well-being.

What You'll Gain

  • Mindset Transformation: Break free from the dieting cycle and cultivate a positive relationship with food and your body. Our program will help you shift your mindset towards sustainable nutrition practices that nourish and empower you.
  • Nutrition Foundation: Build a solid foundation for your nutrition journey. From understanding macronutrients to learning how vitamins and minerals work, our comprehensive curriculum covers all the essentials to set you up for success.
  • Hormonal Harmony: Connect nutrition to your biology and learn how to work with your hormones to optimize energy levels, balance mood swings, and support overall hormonal health.
  • Energy Boost: Say goodbye to midday slumps and hello to sustained energy throughout the day. Discover how to fuel your workouts and daily activities with nutrient-dense foods that nourish and energize your body.
  • Lifelong Learning: Gain a deep understanding of proper nutrition for different phases of life, from pregnancy and postpartum to menopause and beyond. Our program equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate nutrition challenges at every stage.
  • Sustainability: Live sustainably and enjoy long-term success with our practical, evidence-based approach to nutrition. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and resources you need to make sustainable changes that last a lifetime.

How it works

Personalized Consultation: Kickstart your journey with a 30-minute individual nutrition consultation with your personal dietitian. Together, we’ll discuss your goals, preferences, and challenges to create a customized plan to tackle the program.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into our proven curriculum, consisting of 7 modules over the course of 14 weeks.  It’s designed to educate and empower you with essential nutrition knowledge and skills. Each module is packed with informative video content to guide you through your transformational journey.

Bonus Support: Enjoy quick access to our Registered Dietitians via Healthie chat for additional support and guidance whenever you need it.

Ready to Take Control of Your Nutrition and Fitness?

Transform your relationship with food, fuel your body for success, and reclaim your vitality with our Fueling Intensive Program. Whether you’re a busy mom, a fitness enthusiast, or someone striving for a healthier lifestyle, our program is your roadmap to sustainable nutrition and lasting wellness.

Mother Athletes are seeing results

Fueling Intensive Client
Mom, Wife & Fitness Enthusiast

“Tiffany and Kendra have been great to work with! They are very knowledgeable and have been so encouraging to me. They have taught me that fueling my body to meet my goals isn’t about food rules and restrictions, it is about setting small stackable habits that are simple and effective, leading to lots of energy and long term success. Food is fuel and is meant for enjoyment, as well. FLN has helped me become more confident with my food choices!”

Fueling Intensive Client
Mom, Wife & Former College Athlete

“I have been active all of my life-organized sports from adolescence through college and outdoor activities beyond. However, my habits around food have been extreme. I have always wanted to see different results in my body without the knowledge of how to sustain my best self around food. This course has helped lay out the basic nutrition building blocks to help me find my sustainable habits surrounding food. Each choice I make is a chance to make a change toward my best self. “

Fueling Intensive Client
Mom, Wife & Fitness Instructor

“I have been in the health industry for years and have always worked hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. This course helped me gain a new perspective on my nutrition and the importance of fueling your body. Tiffany and Kendra are amazing and the knowledge and passion they bring to this course is wonderful. I am sad that the 6 weeks is over but will continue to hone in on the skills I have learned and keep putting them in to practice every day.”

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